The Tebow Controversy

Here’s a late flash: It appears “Tebowing” is here to stay.  The Global Language Monitor website says it acknowledges that the word Tebowing — the act of taking a knee in prayer during an athletic contest — is now part of the English language.  In today’s online world, that’s practically the equivalent of gaining acceptance to Webster’s Dictionary.

This fellow, Tim Tebow, has created a storm of controversy around his open acknowledgement of Jesus Christ in his personal life, in his writing, but particularly when he is on the athletic field. The main topic on every sports show is Tim Tebow.  Everyone admits that he’s an honest, real, open guy – that there is nothing phony about him.  They cannot fault his dedication to his faith or that he puts his money where his mouth is and supports hospitals for orphans in the third world. What drives them crazy is that he has in essence, hit a walk-off home run in the last five games he’s played, pulling off brilliant, last-minute victories and bringing a mediocre Denver team into the spotlight as a possible playoff contender.

The sports writers agonize over it.  Other football players mock him by “tebowing” when they tackle him. He’s like a burr under everybody’s saddle.   The talk show hosts dwell on the fact that he’s a terrible quarterback in spite of his awesome athleticism.  Last night on KNBR, former 49ers great Steve Young was mulling over the latest stats to come out on Tebow.  In the first three quarters of the games he’s played,  Tim Tebow has the worst quarterback rating in all of football.  Yet in the last quarter of the games he’s played, Tebow has the best quarterback rating in all of football.  Young and Tom Tolbert, the show’s host,  just couldn’t understand.  Tolbert said, “How can this be.  He’s got to fail at some point.  There is just no answer to how he’s accomplishing this.”

I would like to offer a solution to the problem. Since all the pundits, writers and talk show hosts have examined every other possibility, only to discard each of them, why not try this one, and  I know this is a radical thought.  Maybe because Tim Tebow honors Jesus Christ openly, Jesus Christ honors Tim Tebow openly. Of course you would have to believe that God is real to accept that …  but on the other hand, that might be worth considering.

Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.  Matthew 10:32


2 thoughts on “The Tebow Controversy

  1. Some people say money is power, some people say knowledge. Faith is power. In the final quarter of a football game- and football is the epitome of a violent and secular sport- when many of the combatants are falling on their swords, it is no surprise when the grace and power of faith wins out, and Tebow has as much of it in his heart as anyone in the sport. Thing is, he needs to get out before he uses up that grace that God has infused him with. You can’t keep praying for one more touchdown pass to win one more game in a bloodsport that is inextricably tainted w violence and gambling.


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